About GetSetSmart

GetSetSmart EduTech Private Limited is an education and training start-up. We are an Indian based Massively Open Online Courses (MOOCs) platform enabling skill and knowledge development to our growing customer base in India and Indian sub-continent.

We also plan to offer a blended learning (mix of physical and e-learning) forum which would enable you upskill or reskill yourself to match the ever changing needs of the modern job market.



“Catalyzing the process of knowledge and skill transfer to maximize human potential.”


There is a severe lack of Talented Teachers in our education system. GSS is offering a solution to this problem through a learning platform that brings the most gifted instructors to the learners, via several extensive and short courses.

We find the best instructors from a wide network of freelancing professional available in the market. GSS also provides a well-tested framework based on ADDIE Model of instructional design to the Instructors to ensure that the courses produced are of high quality.

In return to the content produced and support provided by these instructors, GSS shares a substantial portion of revenue generated through the sale of those courses, with them.